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There is no one correct way to write or record a guided visualization exercise. We have provided the following outline to help you develop your own exercise.  The goal is for the listeners to imagine themselves performing a task perfectly.  Avoid negative words in your exercise.  If you need further guidance listen to the ODIBODI samples at or on the app.  Feel free to use our sample text as needed for any exercises you are submitting to ODIBODI.


  • Instruct the listener to get comfortable (either by sitting or laying down). Generally, people can visualize better with their eyes closed.  Give the listeners a few moments to get into position. This is also an opportunity to briefly introduce yourself if you'd like.

    • Here is a sample script: “In this exercise we are going to be working on [name of exercise, e.g., shooting foul shots]. Start by getting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.”

  • Have the listeners take a few deep breaths.  This will enable the listeners to relax more deeply, and will help them focus on the upcoming exercise.

    • Here is a sample script: “Take a slow deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a second, then slowly exhale through your mouth.” (Note:  Allow enough time for the listener to inhale for about 7 seconds, hold for 1 second and exhale for 8 seconds.  Have them take at least 3 deep breaths).

  • Set the scene. This is when you get the listeners to visualize their surroundings.  Cue four key senses: sight, sound, smell, and touch.

    • Sample field introduction: “Imagine you are on your favorite (sport, e.g., soccer) field.  Is it grass or turf? What does it smell like on the field?  What is the weather like…is it sunny, windy or cloudy?  What uniform are you wearing?   Is it quiet or are there fans cheering, people talking, music playing?  Imagine how the ball feels when you kick (or throw) it. 

  • Start the exercise.  This can be done simply be telling the listener the following: “Now we are going to practice your __________(e.g., forehand).”  Remind the listeners that with each movement, they are to complete the steps with complete success.  You can assume the listeners have some familiarity with the skills discussed. The idea is to drill the most important steps in the process. Depending on the number of steps involved, you may wish to repeat the steps to reinforce the visualized skill.  Optimum exercise length is between 1 and 7 minutes.  

    • Sample exercise steps for lacrosse: ”You are now going to practice retrieving ground balls.  As you approach the ground ball, make sure you have two hands on the stick.  Place your foot next to the ball.  Get your head and body low.  Scoop through the ball. Feel your back hand grazing the field as you scoop through.  As you scoop the ball, feel yourself explode out of your crouched position as you move to open space.”

  • Remind the listeners to repeat the steps in their minds and that every time they imagine themselves performing the task, they do so perfectly. At the end of the recording, you may congratulate them for doing so well.

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