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Do you seek an edge?  Do you want to improve in any area of your life?  Do you have specific goals?


Odibodi can help!  Just close your eyes, listen to an Odi (mental imagery exercise) and picture yourself performing.


Visualization works.







Our ever-expanding library of 1-7 minute Odis are organized in three primary categories:  Sports, Life and Job.  Feel free to sample some Odis by downloading the free app on your mobile device.


Mental Practice Makes Perfect.


Many people recognize the importance of mental focus when it comes to performing in sports and in life.  Despite how much we prepare for an event or competition, if we don't have the correct mental focus, we will not perform at our optimal level.  


Although the power of mental imagery is widely recognized, especially among elite performers, most people don't have the tools or understanding for routine, consistent practice.  


Now, anyone can develop a visualization practice and achieve success with a revolutionary tool, Odibodi.


"Odibodi has made it easy to practice in my mind.  Without it, I wasn't able to focus on performing a perfect shot.  Now I just play my Odis between practices and before each game.  It sure has helped me."


- High School Athlete


After scoring three goals in 16 minutes of the World Cup Final, Team U.S.A. midfielder Carli Lloyd told The New York Times that she visualized scoring four goals in the game, explaining that she was so in the mental zone at the start of the game that “I feel like I blacked out for the first 30 minutes or so.”










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