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Imagine reaching your audience (players/students/clients, etc.) in a scaleable way, anytime, day or night.  Odibodi's innovative platform enables content experts to share knowledge infinitely by creating Odis (audio visualization exercises) in minutes!







Here's an example:


A basketball coach wanted to reinforce his lesson to his players about shooting a foul shot.  He created an Odi with multi-sensory cues (e.g., Feel the ball on your fingertips as you crouch with bent knees into position, looking at the net inside the back of the basket).  His players are able to access that Odi on the app, anytime they wish to practice.  With routine mental practice, the team improved its foul shot percentage.


"Odibodi allows me to virtually coach my players anytime and improve their mental imagery skills, outside of our limited practice time.  Once my players harness the power of their minds in sport, they can use visualization to reach goals in any aspect of their lives."


- Prep School Coach


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