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FAQ for Content Providers, Partners, and Experts


  • Why should I consider adding content to the ODIBODI library?

    • There are many benefits to content providers including the following:

      • A unique platform for connecting with current students/fans/audience

      • Enhanced reach to new audiences

      • Increased digital brand equity through greater audience

      • Engagement and wider reach (e.g., social media followers)

      • Scalable coaching available to audience 24/7 through recordings, which are preserved for posterity

        • Record an exercise one time and leverage it on the ODIBODI platform so an infinite number of listeners may benefit.

  • How easy is it to create recordings?

    • Recording an audio file is simple and fast.  Most ODIBODI contributors are able to make a 1-3 minute recording within 15 minutes.  More detailed exercises may require more time.

    • The ODIBODI team is available to support content creation.

    • Feel free to follow the guidelines for making an ODIBODI recording.

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